Last March, not even a week before the entire world shut down, I went on a Hinge date. I was mostly over dating, very much over dating apps, and honestly not expecting much. I met Mike at a local restaurant for a quick drink and dinner. Fast forward a year later and he still had […]

Close Up of Hand Holding Picture on Carousel

Smile, hug, look at the camera, Hold your breath and say CHEESE!

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2020, what a time to be alive- am I right? Most of us started the year with big goals and dreams, at least I know I did after a very rough 2019. One of my goals was to take on as much training and learning opportunities about the travel industry as possible. I had some […]

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Isolation Vacation Mode: Activated

Pineapple Promenade Purple Hair

In April I decided to dye my hair purple. I had dabbled with the idea in the past. I even had made attempts at doing so twice with a few strands here and there. But this time I went for it- I dyed my entire head. When I did, someone told me “Good idea, get […]

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Purple Mermaid Hair & Never Growing Up

Carben Photos Mermaid Bathing Suit

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March was a month of self-growth, self-love and embracing body positivity.  For over a year I have been contemplating scheduling a photo shoot with the amazing Cheyenne Gil. I had sent her emails and stalked her Instagram page a million times before I finally decided to take the plunge. So for March, my challenge was […]

Boudoir, Body Positivity & Bathing Suits

February’s challenge was one that started way before 2018 was even a thought. But it lasted right up till the very end of February. I’m talking about the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I decided last year to sign up for this race on a whim when registration opened up to Passholders. I had never run […]

Running Through Epcot

The Disney Princess Half Marathon

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When I was in my early teens I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (commonly known as PCOS for short). For those that aren’t familiar, it is a hormone disorder that can cause many major health issues including infertility, metabolic syndrome, mental health issues, and my biggest battle with it thus far- rapid weight gain. […]

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Eating Healthy At Disney

christmas lights on cinderella's castle

Let me preface this post by saying… I don’t particularly love Christmas. (Gasp! Shock! Horror! Did she say she doesn’t like Christmas? Who is she, The Grinch?) I don’t love Christmas, however, a few years ago I went to Disney World in December for the first time. The Christmas magic that I had been missing […]

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I’ll Be Home For Christmas, If Only In My Dreams

Mickey's House Toontown Doormat

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Back in September, due to a very unfortunate circumstance, I found myself headed to the West Coast. Somehow I managed to talk my cousin into going to Disneyland on our short trip and I was absolutely ecstatic! My first trip to Disneyland! There would be one other person joining us for what was also their […]

The Happiest (And Most Exhausting) Place On Earth: The Do’s And Don’ts of Disneyland

Summer is my favorite season- warm weather, longer days, and for most people a much more active social life. It’s been a while since I’ve shared a post with all of you. There are many reasons for this- but one is simply because it has been busy! Friends getting married, vacations, working, and enjoying every […]

“There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details”

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Most people prepare for vacation by working out and eating healthy. I on the other hand, decided it was a much better idea to go to Disney World and eat a TON of pizza with my friends a few days before my cruise to the Bahamas. Let’s just call it training for that amazing 24-hour […]

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“Just One Bite And All Your Dreams Will Come True”