Life’s Full Of Tough Choices, Innit?

A little over a week ago, Lindsay Lohan posted this picture on Instagram and expressed that she would love to take on the role of Ariel in Disney’s live action version of The Little Mermaid that is in the works.

There are people that think this would be a fabulous idea and others that aren’t too keen on it. This got me thinking- who would I love to see in the role of Ariel? I’m already excited about Emma Watson being cast as Belle, so I’m sure Disney will do a fabulous job, but if I could give my two cents, these would be the people I would consider:

5. Lindsay Lohan – Alright, so I’m still not 100% on board with this, but I think they could make it work. Lilo has been in so many memorable roles and I would love to see her make a comeback.

4. Emma Roberts – Lately I’ve seen some pictures of Emma rockin’ some red locks and it dawned on me that she would make a great Ariel. She has the look and she is both an actress and singer. Plus, she has already been schooled on mermaid behavior when she starred in Aquamarine in 2006.

3. Bella Thorne – Seeing as Bella’s career really seemed to grow once she starred in Shake It Up on the Disney Channel, I could definitely see Disney considering her for another role. I’m on bored with it as well, as long as she doesn’t turn “Part of Your World” into “TTYLXOX Part 2” because that song is truly awful.

2. Amy Adams – She already won my heart over as a princess in Enchanted, so I know she would do it all over again as Ariel. She’s a little bit older than I would normally consider for this role, but I think she would fit so perfectly that they would be able to adapt it and make it a perfect fit.

1. Deborah Ann Woll – I totally had a girl crush on Deborah as vampire Jessica in True Blood. Although she has had a lot of smaller roles since then, I thought and hoped I would be seeing a lot more of her. Although maybe not the most widely considered choice, I would love to see her as Ariel. I think she brings a perfect mix of a sweet and tough personality- just like Ariel.

Honorable Mention:

Uncle Jesse, I mean John Stamos, as Prince Eric. I KNOW he played an amazing Chef Louie at The Hollywood Bowl last year, but after seeing he and his girlfriend bounding as Ariel & Prince Eric at Disney World I’m convinced. That picture is what dreams are made of. Well, at least my dreams.

Another honorable mention… me. Kidding! But I would love to mention one of my favorite park outfits that I Disney bound in. Ariel is my favorite princess and I will use any excuse to pretend I’m a mermaid for a day.

This outfit encompasses pieces from a few small Etsy shops I have found along the way. And the ears were a present from my brother and sister in law last year for my birthday- they clearly know me too well!

Tank: RK Creative Impressions
Leggings: Kolouri
Ears: These Little Beauties
Hair Clip: Hot Topic
Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson (Similar)

So tell me, whom would you like to see as Ariel or any of the other characters for a live action version of The Little Mermaid?

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